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Acknowledging the notable proliferation and international significance of CFTV

Jesus waited till the great day of the feast and shouted in the midst of the great crowd to announce His purpose on the earth. Television coupled with the internet ministry is that same wisdom of Jesus in today's ministry. Television has become the centre point of the lives of people today. no wonder it is the centre of living rooms today To us, television means 'tell your vision' and we believe it is meant for the preaching of the gospel of Christ. Champions of Fire Television is now open for this very purpose. A platform upon which a minister or ministry can empower his dream in God and tell his or her vision. Join us with our subsidized, very affordable, competitive and unbelievable prices, specially packaged and made available for the preaching of the gospel to the world till the gospel is preached to all nations as we wait for the coming of Christ Jesus.


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CFTV proudly stands as the world's largest religious network and the most-watched faith channel globally. With an unwavering commitment to providing inspirational programming around the clock, CFTV endeavors to touch hearts and uplift spirits through its diverse and engaging content.

Utilizing a network of 78 satellites, CFTV's broadcasting spans the entire globe, reaching out to over 100 million households worldwide.This expansive reach allows CFTV to deliver messages of hope, encouragement, and faith-filled content to a vast and diverse audience, transcending geographical boundaries and connecting with viewers from all walks of life.

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